Afridi sad about detention of his fan in India

afridiKarachi: Shahid Afridi has communicated disillusionment about the detainment of a fan wearing a shirt with the Pakistan allrounder’s number decorated on it amid a cricket coordinate in Assam.

“It is dishonorable that such an episode ought to happen. It is miserable that governmental issues is being played with cricket,” Afridi was cited as saying by “Jang” daily paper.

As indicated by reports, Ripon Chowdhury was caught by neighborhood police taking after a protest documented by the young wing of the decision Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).

The police are said to have captured the young and stopped a case under area 120(B), 294 of the Indian Penal code.

Afridi said he would interest India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to investigate the matter.

“Such episodes highlight bigotry and ought to be censured. Since if there are aficionados of Pakistan cricket players in India the same is the situation in Pakistan where there are enthusiasts of Indian players,” Afridi said.

“Cricket fans ought to just be viewed as cricket beaus in both nations.”

In a comparative occurrence in February, a Pakistani enthusiast of Indian Test commander Virat Kohli was sentenced to 10 years of detainment for raising the Indian banner on the top of his home, under the steady gaze of the court conceded him safeguard in Okara, Punjab.

Afridi said that cricket ought to be avoided legislative issues.

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