Texas reports first case of Zika likely from local mosquitoes


Texas authorities on Monday reported the state’s first instance of the Zika infection that was likely transmitted by a nearby mosquito, extending the spread inside the mainland United States of an infection that has been connected to microcephaly, an uncommon birth deformity. The case included a lady living in Cameron ...

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High ‘Good Cholesterol’ May Not Reduce Heart Disease Risk


Raising ‘great cholesterol ” levels may not be as successful as bringing down ‘awful cholesterol’ for lessening the danger of creating coronary illness, another study has found. Low and abnormal amounts of high-thickness lipoprotein (HDL), known as ‘great cholesterol’ are connected with higher danger of kicking the bucket from coronary ...

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Canola Oil With Omega-3 May Cut Heart Disease Risk: Study


Devouring nourishments made in canola oil – an enhanced type of rapeseed, with under two for each penny erucic corrosive, a part found in mustard oil – that is improved with Omega-3 can possibly lessen the danger of heart illnesses, analysts say. The discoveries demonstrated that expending high oleic canola ...

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Can Added Sugar in Diet Cause Heart Attack?


Expanded admission of sustenance and drink with included sugar may conceivably raise the danger of heart assault or myocardial dead tissue by about a third, in a few people, a study has cautioned. In spite of the fact that sucrose happens normally in products of the soil, the greater part ...

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Heart attack or Heartburn: How You Can Find Out


With heart illnesses being one of the real reasons for death in India, it is maybe not astounding that a great many people assume any torment in the mid-section territory to be an assault. Subsequently, in an expansive number of cases a patient is hurried to the healing facility, just ...

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Eating Cheese May Lower High Blood Pressure


Devouring sodium as a dairy item, for example, cheddar, may secure against some of sodium’s impacts on the cardiovascular framework, for example, hypertension, analysts say. As indicated by specialists, the insurance originates from cancer prevention agent properties of dairy proteins in cheddar. The outcomes propose that when sodium is expended ...

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Poor Maternal Nutrition Can Cause Early Ageing of Baby’s Heart


Youngsters destined to moms who were undernourished amid pregnancy will probably endure early maturing of the heart, an exploration has appeared. The creature concentrate on found that modestly decreasing a mother’s nourishment admission can make it more probable that the infant’s organs will indicate expanded ailment powerlessness and early maturing. ...

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Aerobic Exercise May Improve Artery Health in Diabetics


Young men with over the top weight pick up amid adolescence are at expanded danger of death because of coronary illness sometime down the road, a study uncovers. There is no comparing hazard among young men being overweight when more youthful and who have ordinary weight amid puberty. The study ...

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