gul-ahmed-lawn-ssGul Ahmed, Pakistan’s exceptional material powerhouse propelled its new Spring/Summer yard gathering volume 1 on February 26, 2016. The dispatch at Dolmen City Mall turned into a focal point of consideration for the media, blogger group, design clique and also energetic customers as they ran toward the store to get a look at the most recent accumulation.

This Spring/Summer 2016, Gul Ahmed delivered a wide cluster of hallucinogenic and ethnic prints, with a fascinating blend of energetic and delicate pastel tints. It guarantees to exemplify the sexy, rich, and ageless component to its yard. What’s more, for that, it has principally composed this gathering remembering the tastes of advanced ladies who look for outfits that overflow with refinement but hold an emanation of legacy and custom.

The occasion for the divulging of SS volume 1, began as famous people, socialites and city’s world class ran celebrity lane where celebrity central host, Anoushey Ashraf invited them. This was trailed by an elite form presentation highlighting models including Areeba Habib, Saima Azhar, Falak Shaikh, Saima Haroon, Humera Asghar, Faiza Ashfaq, Hira Ejaz and Misbah Mumtaz who strolled the runway embellished in the sorbet-shaded plans of Gul Ahmed’s most recent gathering. The occasion was facilitated by the stunning Zhalay Sarhadi.

Concentrating on craftsmanship of moderate cuts and great outlines, Gul Ahmed Lawn Volume 1 has authoritatively propelled and is currently accessible at driving stores across the country.

Event organized by Keys Productions

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